How to Make a Sploof with Stuff Around the House

Fear not, amigos! It’s time to get your DIY on and ‘MacGyver’ up to make your own sploof.

What you’ll need:

• Toilet paper or paper towel roll
• 4 dryer sheets (three for the inside, one for the outside)
• Rubber band or box tape

Now, some sites say you don’t have to use any tape, and some sites say you can use a plastic container. But there are a couple caveats to these notions:

1) In the interest of being earth-friendly and sanitary, paper towel or toilet rolls are a more biodegradable choice. Plastics are super-porous, so they’ll trap odors from the stuff that was in the bottle, if it wasn’t water. But even if it’s a water bottle, bacteria can grow on the mouth of the bottle, which is where you’d most likely blow the smoke into. And even if you use some sort of antibacterial wipe, you still might taste and smell the chemicals from that, and who wants to wait for that fake “lemony-fresh scent” to go away before placing mouth to sploof? No sense in letting the yuck factor harshing your marijuana mellow, man!

2) In the interest of keeping your dryer sheets in the roll, something to hold the sheets in is always a good thing.

So, the steps to make your ‘MacGyvered’ sploof are as follows:

1) Grab whichever choice of roll you like, and for fire safety purposes, pull off any remaining bits of TP or paper towel from the cardboard.

2) Take one dryer sheet, and depending on how wide the TP/paper towel roll is, place the dryer sheet, still folded or unfolded, over one end of the cardboard. Test the width either way, and once you have the coverage you need, grab the rubber band or tape and secure the dryer sheet to the chosen end.

3) Grab the other three dryer sheets, and after crumpling them up into individual balls, stuff them one by one into the roll. You don’t want them too tight, as you do kind of want the smoke to go through, but the point is to mask the smoke with the scent, so two dryer sheets may not be enough. If you use a regular paper towel roll, five or six dryer sheets will be a good number to use.

Congratulations! You’ve just made your first old-school sploof. You can really MacGyver it up and use other stuff around the house, but if you want to be as plastic-free as possible, the cardboard-roll-based sploof is likely your most earth-friendly option.

Just remember that while sploofs in general help mask and remove odors from your sacred exhalations, it will not remove the smell of smoke coming from your pipe or bong. So making sure that stuff stops giving off smoke (covering it with your thumb to stop “feeding the blaze”) is a good thing, particularly if you’re indulging in a quick “one-hit wonder” before going about your day.


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