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Marijuana Delivered To Your Door With Eaze

In this era of broadened marijuana acceptance and increasingly high-tech methods of running a business, marijuana companies are looking to boost not only their revenue, but also individuals’ access to the plant by implementing cutting-edge technology into their operations. From doctors offering their services via telecommunications to digital dispensary menus to the impressive pot-smoking gadgets of today, it really seems that the legal marijuana trade is stepping it up in terms of innovation.

Eaze is one tech company that is serving medical marijuana patients by connecting them directly to dispensaries.

“I feel that tech has the power to help progress the cannabis industry, to really, bring a level of safety and understanding to it,” said Sheena Shiravi, the head of PR for Eaze, of her company’s on-demand method of bringing medical marijuana to a patient’s doorstep.

The company issues surveys to its customers, the results of which have been published every year for the past three years. The results of the 2017 surveys are not to be released until July, but there’s still quite a bit of eye-opening information to be found in the responses of the two previous years. One finding of these surveys is that the preference for low-dose edibles is on the rise, especially among female patients. This data can be incredibly useful for marijuana companies to have in their arsenal of information. The better you know your customers, the better you can serve them.

Eaze serves various municipalities throughout California, but have run into hurdles when it comes to cities that have placed their own bans on retailers and growers of the plant. One example is the city of San Jose, which had placed a ban against marijuana deliveries last January. The company worked with the right officials and went through the proper channels to plead their case, arguing that it is in the interest of public safety that they reconsider their position on marijuana deliveries. In the end, they changed their minds and decided to grant the company permission to deliver in their city. Through a network of California dispensaries, Eaze relays delivery requests to the appropriate shops in the area, which then bring the pot to the customer’s door. Eaze itself has no hand in the physical exchange of the plant aside from facilitating it.

Shiravi points out that obtaining marijuana via delivery is incredibly popular in the illicit marijuana trade, and it is in the best interest of cities who want to limit and even squash these illegal operations to work with their legal and regulated ones.

The city of San Jose has agreed with Shiravi, and now the company sets its sights on appealing to officials in Los Angeles as well.

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