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“Om Shanti…Om Shanti…” That’s what you just might be chanting once you get a decent hit off of Master Kush. “Shanti,” by the way, means “peace.” And given this indica strain’s effects of warding off anxiety and depression, anyone suffering from any kind of tendency towards such brain-chemical imbalances will find themselves feeling at peace. We’re not entirely sure how Master Kush does it, scientifically speaking, but even if you don’t Google it, at least you know it works, right? And it’s always good to go with what works.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this holy sacrament, shall we, dear devotees?


Master Kush is a unique indica strain with fewer couchlock effects than other indicas usually have. It’s particularly effective for warding off depression and anxiety and provides a relaxed type of focus for things like reading, writing, deep thinking and other forms of contemplation. The growth difficulty, however, is moderate, so you’ll want to have some experience growing ganja before tackling this strain. But the effort to grow Master Kush is worth it, since the harvest time is right when the days in the Northern Hemisphere grow shorter.

Read on to see precisely why it’s hella popular.


As mentioned in the intro, Master Kush’s specialty as an indica strain seems to be easing the effects of depression, anxiety and other similar mental maladies. The great thing about Master Kush is that unlike other indicas, it doesn’t leave you totally couch-locked. As one Leafly.com reviewer said, you can smoke this stuff and still read deeply philosophical stuff, or focus on late night work if you have to.

Also, MK allows you to have a bit of a wake-n-bake sesh if you wake up with a big to-do list but your depression symptoms just won’t go away. After all, depression leaves you with that “can’t-get-motivated-about-anything” feeling that goes beyond mere burnout. Fear not, dear herbal devotees: Master Kush is here to help, especially for those who seem to have a hereditary tendency towards being down for no other reason than a chemical imbalance. And guess what: because cannabis is a plant, there are no crazy side effects like there are with laboratory-made pills. Take that, Big Pharma!

The two main negatives with MK are the dry mouth and eyes, with a tiny tendency to make a person dizzy, but that effect is minimal. As always, if you’re a lightweight, go easy on the hits at first, just because everyone’s physiology is unique, and it’s a somewhat heavy strain to begin with, so taking two hits at first would be a good starting point. After those two hits, stop for a while because the effects tend to be “creeper” effects: they take a while to kick in, but once they do, you’ll notice it. If you decide to put MK in an edible, as with any strain, you’ll have to do some careful experimentation with the strength, or else you will end up way more baked than the brownie you put it in.

Oh, and by the way, Master Kush is known to give people the serious munchies, so be prepared to possibly re-dub this strain “The Hungry Games.”

Strain Parents

Master Kush is a straight-up Indica strain cross, whose parents are Skunk, and Hindu Kush itself (also an Indica, of course) which is named after the mountain region that stretches some 500 miles from Pakistan to Afghanistan. And yes, you can sing it if you want to: “And I would walk 500 miles…” (You can even try on a Scottish accent, just for that song alone.)

Because the Kush region’s climate is way harsh, the mother plant evolved to grow tons of frosty goodness for protection. Which means terpene and THC awesomeness for those who partake of her bountiful harvest, and such lovely frostiness was likely passed down to the Master Kush strain you know and love—or will love, if you’ve not tried it yet.


If you’ve never smoked this before, Master Kush is often said to have something of an earthy “vintage” smell, which amounts to a mixture of citrus and incense-like scents. Some might describe Master Kush as having something of a pungent smell, but that’s kinda vague, so it’s perhaps better to rely on specifically named flavors and smells that others have repeatedly mentioned. Though MK does have Skunk as one of its parents, so that should give you a hint as to the “pungent” label. But if MK grabs you by the mention of the word “incense” or “citrus,” then let those be the words that cast the spell, right? Right.

Grow Tips

We’ll say it right off the bat: Master Kush is best grown by peeps who’ve gone beyond beginner stage, and are moving on to intermediate level skill. Being an Indica, MK grows short and bushy, and does well either indoors or out, though you might want to try outdoor growing, as it tends to grow taller and yield more buds when grown outdoors. Still, an indoor growth of 450 g/in2 is really not that bad, especially if you’ve received seeds and all of them germinated successfully. You can also grow MK hydroponically, so if that’s your preferred growth method, it does well in such an environment.

Harvest time tends to be right around this time of year as a matter of fact: around September/October, after an 8-week flowering time, which is perfect, on-the-spot timing for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or just want a mellow, laid-back high for the longer, cooler nights that practically demand deep contemplation.

History of Master Kush

Interestingly enough, though Master Kush has strong ancestry in the Kush region, it’s actually bred in Amsterdam by the Dutch White Label Seed company. They just picked two of the main strains from the Kush region and crossed them, resulting in the Master Kush strain you know today. Also, Master Kush wasn’t always called “Master Kush.” It was first called “High Rise” when it was first bred. We’re not sure of the name change, but it’s an apt one.

There you have it: the many reasons why Master Kush is just so dang popular. Whether you simply smoke it or want to try and grow it, MK is sure to become a favorite. If not, take a hit or two, sit back, relax, and repeat after us: “Om Shanti…”

You’re welcome.


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