As Of Midnight, Marijuana Sales In Nevada Begin

The clock is ticking down: as of midnight tonight, Nevada will continue the history-making, state-by-state trend of legalizing recreational marijuana.

To the casual observer, it has all the energy of a movie opening or smart phone release. Out of 40 of the approved dispensaries, a good handful of them are opening doors early in high anticipation of sales. One of these stores, called Reef Dispensaries will kick off this change in state law with a fireworks display.

Matt Morgan, the CEO of this immense flagship dispensary located just a block away from the Strip in Las Vegas, expects more than a decent-sized crowd. With the store spanning 165,000 square feet, customers will have plenty of room to browse the inventory.

One of Morgan’s first customers will be, quite naturally, Democratic Senator Tick Segerblom. Segerblom has long been a legalization advocate, and therefore was the one to guide the new regulations through the state legislature.

Clear Advantages

Because of this change to Nevada marijuana law, both regulators and industry captains say they expect a large wave of recreational marijuana sales. The State Department of Taxation estimates receiving close to $60 million in tax revenue just within the first two years.

Between the tourism industry that’s already secured by Las Vegas and Reno, and marijuana-friendly locals getting their first purchase of recreational cannabis without worrying about being arrested, Matt Morgan definitely foresees business booming.

Interestingly enough, despite the amount of people that will be out on their first legal marijuana purchase, the police don’t have any specific plans for crowd control, thanks to possession being legal as of January.

Though recreational cannabis will be legal as of midnight, the problem for most will be finding outdoor places to light up, as Nevada still prohibits public consumption. Sen. Segerblom has the next possible solution: consumption lounges.



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