Mother Arrested for trying to stop Daughter’s Seizures with Weed

Kelsey Osborn, a Mother of two in Gooding, Idaho, gave her daughter a smoothie that was laced with marijuana in an attempt to help stop the seizures that kept overtaking the young girl due to a medical condition that she had.

A month after the smoothie was given and administered the children, named Madyson and Ryker, are still currently living with their Father and Kelsey Osborn has been trying to get them back ever since.

Talking to local television stations in her hometown, she expressed that she never thought kelsey-osborne-with-ryker-and-madysonthat being a good Mother and trying to help her child would see her separated from her beloved children and unable to see them. Expressing how it “Tore her apart” every time she thought of it.

Obsborne continued to explain why she did what she did. Explaining that her 3-year-old Daughter, Madyson, had a history of seizures that kept overtaking her, with Doctors unable to fully help, and one evening in early October it was worse for the poor girl than ever before.

“They would stop and come back, stop and come back with hallucinations, and everything else.” she explained.

The worse though was yet to come as she said that Madyson was slowly withdrawing from a medication that her Doctors did prescribe her called Sisperdal which is generally used to treat Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar disorder. However, Osborne explained that she couldn’t calm her daughter down and didn’t want the child to overdose on the medication and make things far worse. So she instead decided to give the child a smoothie with a tablespoon of marijuana-infused butter to see if that could at least help her.

“Everything stopped thirty minutes later” she recalled.

From there Osborne then took Madyson to the doctor to try and get her further here where she then tested positive for Marijuana, and a protocol was followed with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare being called. Kelsey Osborne was then charged with misdemeanor injury to a child, who has since plead not guilty to the charge.

“It was my last resort for her,” Osborne said, maintaining that she did the right thing. “I’ve seen it for my own eyes with people out of state who have used it, and it’s helped them or their children.”

Tom Shanahan of the DHW (Department of Health and Welfare) says in any case dealing with Marijuana, there is a bottom line, claiming that no matter if it helped the child or not, it was still illegal and that the laws were there for a reason.

The saddest part, though? States that border Idaho, such as Oregon, Montana, and Washington have all legalized medical or recreational marijuana at the last Presidential Election, with Idaho being one of the few that hadn’t. Continuing on, Tom Shanahan continued to explain that the two drugs aren’t interchangeable.

“Even in states that have legalized, it’s not legal to give to children anyways.” he continued on “The Cannabis that is used for children with epilepsy is called cannabidiol oil, and it has had THC removed from it.”

Without THC in the compound, it effectively takes away the psychoactive properties that are normally found in Marijuana

“Because of that, it can cause brain development issues in children, so it’s viewed as illegal and unsafe. We want Children to be in a safe place.”

Meanwhile, Osborn says that she will continue to try and get her children back while they remain with their Father. Vowing to never stop.

While cannabidiol Oil IS still illegal in Idaho, Shanahan of the DHW has stated that there is a program in Boise through the FDA that uses CBD as an experimental treatment for children with severe epilepsy.

According to him, there are strict guidelines for those who quality with one being that the child has to have tried several treatments that failed to work.

Though, with different substances being used it’s easy enough for people to confuse the two. Only time will tell what happens to Kelsey Osborne as the Nations laws and opinions on Marijuana use continue to relax in the incoming years.


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