Nevada Still Moving Ahead With Recreational Marijuana Despite Legal Issues

America is apparently adding “green” to its national colors, thanks to the speed at which many states are approving not just medical marijuana, but recreational cannabis. Nevada is one of those states, and they are moving ahead with their plans to begin retail sales of recreational cannabis within medical dispensaries as of July 1st, despite legal tussles with the alcohol industry.

The court battle has been a long one. The alcohol industry wants exclusive rights to sell and distribute recreational cannabis, and it seems a Carson City judge has sided in their favor with a ruling that states only alcohol wholesalers may apply for marijuana distribution licenses.

The state of Nevada, on the other hand, is appealing that ruling. State regulators have countered with the argument that they have the right to grant distributor licenses to dispensaries if there are not enough applicants from the alcohol industry to meet the foreseen demand for both recreational and medical marijuana.

Additional Rules

Nevada’s rules, however, about selling recreational cannabis in medical dispensaries include child-protection caveats, something that maybe the alcohol companies aren’t thinking about.

These rules include the requirement of specific labeling that says “This is a marijuana product; keep out of reach of children.” Therefore, edibles cannot be sold in forms and shapes typically aimed at children, such as animals, fruit shapes, and of course, cartoon characters.

Naturally, many companies that create edible cannabis products, not just those within Nevada, have had to change their production processes quickly to comply with Nevada’s rules.

But businesses such as Wana Brands from Colorado, and Kynd Cannabis Co., a native Nevada company, are saying that they’re willing to make these changes in order to participate in Nevada’s heavily anticipated marijuana market boom.

This anticipation is largely due to the state’s equally heavy tourism industry.





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