Shocking Chart that shows why Big Pharma is Fighting Legal Marijuana

Let’s face it: the road to full federal legalization is not going to be an easy one. If you’ve been keeping track of the current political posturing and machinations lately, you know that our country’s government, let alone the way officials are elected, is full on “Manchurian candidate,” with the exception of, say Bernie Sanders and the awesome Dr. Jill Stein.

It’s true that none of them have said anything about cannabis legalization. But they should, especially since there are so many more benefits than hazards. Yet the candidates themselves may not be a problem. It’s the pharmaceutical industry that stands to be not a little financially butthurt if any of the truly progressive candidates go forward with making marijuana legal-eagle on the federal level.

To help you understand why Big Pharma is hounding the legalization of hash, a handy chart was published by the Washington Post, courtesy of a father-daughter pair of scientists, Ashley and W. David Bradford who have been diligently researching just how much of a drop there is in painkiller prescriptions in states with medical marijuana laws.


And that’s not all. In those medical Mary-Jane states, there were far fewer antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills, seizure and anti-nausea medications prescribed. How’s that for healing efficacy? Of course, the Bradfords did a proper double-check on the drugs for which pot is not normally substituted, such as bloodthinners and antibiotics, and sure enough, no drop in prescriptions was found in medical marijuana states. The conclusion: Yes, Virginia, people are using hash for healing purposes!

But naturally, Big Pharma caught wind of all this data, because, surprise, surprise, they weren’t getting as many orders for the medications they produce to treat these symptoms. And naturally, they’ve been going to town with the anti-weed lobbying, pulling machinations and shenanigans such as the following:

  • Funding research performed by anti-pot academics
  • Funneling serious moolah to groups like the Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
  • Lobbying federal agencies in order to keep pro-pot legislation from moving forward, such as the suggestion to move naturally-derived THC from the Schedule 1 to Schedule 3 category so it can be further researched and prescribed. Big Pharma didn’t like that at all, of course. Not when one of its companies makes synthetic THC, which would have to compete with natural THC.

Another thing that’s making Big Pharma quaking in their greedy little boots is the fact of Medicare savings. In legal prescription pot states, their Medicare programs paid out less for those prescription drugs that marijuana has quite effectively, albeit not completely, replaced. Guess who Medicare pays for those drugs, otherwise? You guessed it—Big Pharma. So, you can bet that all is not well in Expensive-Drug-Company Land.

That said, the Bradfords’ research points more to health and longevity due to pot use rather than mere Medicare savings, as their study only included spending from Medicare Part D, which chiefly applies to senior citizens, which is a more hesitant group to indulge in a helpful strain of indica. Not completely intractable mind you—just hesitant.

Nevertheless, not all painkillers are used by seniors, and the reduction of painkiller usage by any adult age group still cuts a huge, cannabis-leaf-shaped dent in Big Pharma’s otherwise iron-fisted grip. So anyone who’s invested in brands like Pfizer or any of the other numerous pharmaceutical companies is clearly going to see their stocks take a hit, to say nothing of those companies suddenly going out of business if the medical marijuana legalization keeps going as it is.


Which is why they’re lobbying so damn hard to keep this big weed-plant of a legalization movement from growing further. Because it’s all money. It’s all about greed, and keeping their current monopoly on people’s health—and wallets. So, now that you know this, it’s all the more reason to do your own political lobbying and anti-greed education, right? Right.








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