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orange crush strain

Ever had Orange Crush soda (or pop) when you were a kid? Did you know that there is Orange Crush Strain for adults? If not, read on…


Orange Crush is a very popular hybrid bred by the BC Growers’ Association. Its flavorful parentage is pretty notable as well, so this might be the weed to try if some of the other strain flavors you’ve sampled so far have not been that great of an experience.


Orange Crush is clearly tops when it comes to getting happy, energetic and euphoric as well as relaxed. The happy and euphoric is from the sativa side, while the relaxed part comes from the indica. It’s thanks to the specific combination of this sativa-indica hybrid that medical users will gain relief from stress, depression as well as physical pain. Some users have reported okay results concerning general inflammation and fighting fatigue, so you might want to try different strains if you’re having issues with those symptoms.

The two main negatives with Orange Crush are dry mouth and dry eyes, so keep water on hand.

Strain Parents

Orange Crush is the summertime-flavored love child of the sativa-based hybrid mama California Orange, and Blueberry, a delightful indica-dominant hybrid that does indeed have a berry taste to it. But thanks to its California Orange parentage, Orange Crush definitely has distinct orange coloring to it


Thanks to its flavorful parents, Orange Crush is a strain to have a permanent infatuation with. You can’t go wrong with the orange-y sativa side of the flavor Force, which not only wakes you up with its happy, cheerful vibe, but the blueberry indica side brings sweet berry essence to the tongue and calm to the mind. Clearly, this is weed for the Jedi in you: active and cheerful yet calm and meditative. The only herb strains that are truly more “orange-y” are its sativa parent, “California Orange” and another strain entirely called “Agent Orange.”

One reviewer on Leafly.com wrote that he had decided to try smoking some OC and then drinking the actual Orange Crush soda, and the aftertaste, apparently was truly amazing, because it was essentially orange on top of orange.

Grow Tips

Orange Crush may be a hybrid, but it’s crazy-easy to grow. The yields are magnificent, as it’s sativa-dominant, which tends to yield more than an indica. You’re going to want to give an Orange Crush plant some space, especially upwards, as sativas and sativa-dominant hybrids tend to grow tall.

Orange Crush strain also tends to grow best under “baby-bear’s-porridge” conditions:
• Not too much or too little fertilizer.
• Can handle temperature fluxes.

OC also happens to be quite mold and disease-resistant, which, again, lends itself well to a beginner growing this particular weed strain. The flowering time is an average of 60 days (2 months), so you won’t have to wait too long before harvesting, and OC tends to respond fairly well to the pruning of the main stem.

Orange Crush Strain History

Many herb strains have a decent history, but apart from its parentage, Orange Crush really doesn’t have much of a back story to tell. Other than the fact that California Orange dates back to 1980, and Blueberry’s history goes all the way back to the ‘70s, that is. We do know, however, that Orange Crush has become the ‘parent’ to three other hybrids: Orange Dream, Orange Creamsicle, and Orange Cream Cake, so you can give those a whirl, as well.

You may not be keen on summer ending, but with Orange Crush in your supply of good ganja, you can keep the warm, fruity flavors of that season in your mouth throughout autumn and winter without missing a beat.


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