Pot Recycling Facility Is Seeing An Uptick In Business

Each municipality in the United States creates its own regulations for the disposal of illegal pot. In Denver, Colorado, local law enforcement chooses to recycle the illegal plant matter that they obtain rather than destroy it through less environmentally-conscious means.

After being confiscated by the Denver Police Department, the pot is then brought to a recycling center where employees from A1 Organics recycle not only marijuana, but also wooden pallets, logs and garden materials. The Commerce City-based facility and Denver PD have both reported an uptick of pot to recycle in recent years. In fact, business has been booming.

“Two or three years ago we would do one grind every three or four months. Now [police] pretty much get a hold of us every couple weeks and need us to grind for them,” states Kevan Northrup, who leads the Commerce City location where all of the confiscated plant matter is ground up. After that, the ground up product is sent to Keenesburg where it is composted and eventually used to make a fertilizer called Eco-Grow.

This is a much more eco-friendly method of disposal than burning confiscated pot, which the Denver Police Department had done in the past. Because there is no way to verify how the pot was produced and whether or not it’s even safe for human consumption, it cannot be repurposed into the legal cannabis market.

A1 Organics began its partnership with Denver law enforcement about three years ago, and now they are starting to receive notices of interest from other municipalities in the state. Law enforcement entities in Aurora, Commerce City, Thornton and Colorado Springs have reached out to the recycling company, as they are interested in disposing of illegal pot in the same way as Denver.

This is yet another way in which the 420-friendly state is leading the US in innovation and awareness in terms of cannabis.

Most law enforcement departments across the country still burn illegal pot.


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