There’s A Pizza Box That Transforms into a Weed Pipe

Smoke, Snack, Smoke

I don’t know about you, but whenever I blaze up, I need food. Typically, my food of choice is pizza. Who doesn’t love that cheese and sometimes meat mixed with gooey crust when they are flying high. You’re basically in heaven! However, now, whenever I eat pizza, I crave a smoke. You can never win, right? You will either be waiting forever for a pizza or eat the whole pizza and then decide you want to smoke. Wrong! Now you can have both!

Have you ever heard of “Push for Pizza”? That amazing app that allows you to order pizza with the push of a button. Whenever I am high, I cannot function enough to text my girlfriend back, much less order a delicious pizza. Anyway, this app makes everyone’s lives easier and now they came out with a new invention. Now, when you push for pizza, your pizza box will be able to come apart and be reborn into a joint. Talk about recycling! Instead of just throwing away the big, clunky box and wasting all that useful cardboard, now you can just tear along the perforated lines and fold into a perfectly useful pipe. The pizza even comes with a carb via the pizza stand, which provides better ventilation.

Fear no more! Now, you can just push a button, have a pizza delivered and while you’re eating enjoy a nice pipe. Bon Apatite!


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