Top 5 Weed Channels On Youtube You Should be Watching Right Now

There’s something truly, deliciously counterculture about YouTube. Never mind the fact that it’s owned by Google, and never mind that with certain YouTube videos, you still end up seeing ads that may or may not have any relevance to your interests, or to the video at hand. The fact that YouTube has become everyone’s chance to get their voices heard, their alternative political views expressed (no matter how out-there or bizarre), and their animals’ fuzzy-faced antics out into the world without having to own anything more expensive than their smartphone’s video function at the very least, is not lost on the one very counterculture group out there: Stoners!

Here is our own personal picks for the top stoner channels on Youtube!

1. Positive Smash 420

Okay, people, this is the channel to subscribe to if you want a soothing female voice to listen. If you watch this girl’s weed haul video, and you’re not a stoner, but you’re curious about the different varieties and strains of weed, and you like watching people describe the stuff they brought home from their shopping trip, that specific video is a great place to start. Oh, and the some of the names of weed strains she shows in the video sound almost like the names of incense stick scents (Say that three times fast!), so her showing off her haul of weed is like an incense enthusiast showing off what they brought home from the local New Age shop: laid-back and mellow and at the same time, pumped about her purchase. Nice balanced vibe, there, girlfriend!

Another striking thing about Positive Smash 420’s video channel is that she does not really “look” like a weed smoker at very first glance. She has a girl-next-door vibe, especially with the glasses she wears, and yet, she talks weed like a pro (is there such a thing as a professional weed smoker?), and then she will turn around and drop the F-bomb like it is nothing. So, there it is, peeps: just another lesson in not judging a book by its cover…or the vaporizer by the box it arrives in, etc.

If you are at all curious about weed, the flavors, the strains and so on, this channel is like PBS for wannabe potheads, because her videos are educational in that chilled-out Bob-Ross-and-Carl-Sagan way. It puts a whole new cosmic meaning to “happy little trees,” for sure.

Positive Smash 420 channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_rHTsIG5Yuig2vb-7gI0iQ

2. Customgrow420

Sit down a while and catch some of the craziness of this guy’s channel. He is what you could call a “prototypical stoner dude.” He hits the bongs hard, repeats what the video is about several times and at the beginning and end talks super hyped up, giving you a kind of “Wayne’s World” vibe. Though the only resemblance between him and “Wayne” is the hat and the long hair. And this guy is truly counterculture, because in one of his videos about smoking before his court appearance, he more or less lets peeps know that, in the eyes of the law, he’s been a bad boy, but he says he’s “allergic” to the judicial system. It would be a complete surprise if this guy were okey-dokey with our judicial system, because, as a general rule, cannabis smokers tend to take a pretty dim view of laws that don’t make sense. Like what, you ask? Like the laws against weed itself—growing, distributing, smoking, etc.

Custom Grow 420 Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CustomGrow420


3. Chronic Gamer Girl

If you watch this channel for a video or two, you might realize after a time that she seems familiar. “Oh, yeahhhh, she’s Ilana Glazer from Broad City” you say with a few big nods of your head. Seriously, this chick is not only a gamer, she is a stoner!!! So watching her play games and do other stuff while totally flying like Aladdin and generally acting crazy is just plain hilarious! And she is nearly always munching while playing. What’s truly LOL-funny about this is, she’s a grown-up, but if you’ve ever watched the rather adorable anime called “Himouto! Umaru-chan,” Ilana will remind you of Umaru: constantly snacking, constantly playing video games. The only difference between Ilana and Umaru, is that Ilana is into weed, and Umaru isn’t.

But comparisons with anime characters aside, if you come home from work and you are seriously bummed about how your day went, watch a few episodes of Ilana’s gamer-stoner channel, and you will laugh till your lungs hurt.

Check out Ilana’s channel and get laughing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZfzPgImONbVEdygF_zridw


4. Getting Doug With High

Chronic Gamer Girl is on the hyper side, and if you’ve had enough of that, check out “Getting Doug With High,” a more chilled-out stoner show that runs about 40-something minutes long. It’s hosted by Doug Benson, and he often has a lot of stoner types on his show. For instance, Sarah Silverman’s been on the show, along with Todd Glass, as well as Jack Black, and of course, the two most well-known stoners: Cheech & Chong! You might want to watch this if you plan on breaking out your bongs and smoking right along, because trying to watch this show while sober is likely really not that much fun. Still, it will chill you out and make you chuckle a fair bit even if you are not really a weed smoker.

Doug Benson’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPq9AxIEXqjwjurJDdK2JQ


5) Urban Remo

So far, this guy is the only Canadian in this list. We know he’s Canadian because in one video on his channel, he rolls the world largest joint, and he has a pile of newspapers from Vancouver, B.C. which he uses to roll up this ginormous bud. And if you didn’t know, Vancouver’s pretty goshdarn easygoing about how much weed you can have on you, unlike the U.S., which is still dipping its toe in the waters of legalization. Anyhow, Remo is something of a ganja globetrotter, because that’s an essential part of his channel: traveling around the world trying out weed.

Here is Urban Remo’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Yb_9nD8lzHGipSOFXwkpQ


There you have it: the top 5 weed channels on YouTube. Considering each channel has a wealth of videos, you are not going to run out of videos to watch anytime soon, so kick back, grab your favorite munchies and get to watching.


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