Weed Hangover: 5 Home Remedies To Recover Fast

weed hangover

Hangovers: they’re the result of a long, hard night of boozin’ it up and making a complete ass of yourself, and they’re only associated with alcohol, right? Ehh, not so fast, Doc! Believe it or not, you can get a weed hangover, too.

“Wait…whaaaa? How the heck do you get a hangover from weed?” we hear you ask. “I thought that stuff was supposed to make you feel good, not bad!” First off, if you have a hangover from weed, you’ve probably run into too much inferior-quality bud lately, be it indica or sativa. Smoking crappy cannabis makes you:

  • Sleep too lightly, making you wake up too early. (Serious bummer for your mood!)
  • Have seriously dry mouth—worse than if you have dry mouth whilst awake.
  • Have a lingering headache that really cramps your morning style.

All this can make you feel way more tired than usual, but you likely won’t be able to sleep, and chances are, if you are experiencing weed hangover right now, you probably don’t have much more motivation to do anything other than read this article, right? Right.

So, here are 5 home remedies that are bound to wake you up, energize you and put a bit more pep in your step (if not a complete bouncy spring that makes you feel like Tigger).

A Weed Hangover is Not a Booze Hangover!

The first thing you need to remember is that a weed hangover is nothing like a booze hangover. Gulping down ibuprofen is not going to help much, even though the stuff sometimes works for alcohol-induced headaches.

Also, you might be tempted to reach for caffeine, whether in coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine will only make you more dehydrated, so as much as the siren call of your favorite java or rouge-colored bull mascot is singing, do your best to navigate away from these troublesome waters, matey!

On top of this, keep away from both regular ciggies, as well as the same low-quality cannabis that gave you the hangover in the first place.

Try instead the following:

1. Cold Shower Time

Cold water in the morning, especially right now in northern climates, doesn’t always sound appealing, but even if it’s lukewarm, water that’s colder than 70 degrees will wake you up nice and quick.

2. Flush Out The Bad Stuff

There are many possible reasons why you have the hangover from bad weed. Your supplier might be using too many chemicals to grow their bud, or worst case scenario, your inferior-grade weed was mixed with weird stuff like candle wax (really, who does that?!), fake grass, or even glass! (Again, who does that kind of thing?!) In other words: Ouch! If there was ever a time to try any kind of detox, it’s now. Go for pure, natural juices like orange, tomato, or cranberry, and lots of mineral water, about 3 liters of any of those sources. You can also brew up some green tea (organic is best, of course), and drink about four good cups of the stuff. It’s gentler on your system than regular black tea, and has lots of antioxidants. If all else fails, try an electrolyte-based drink, like Gatorade’s powdered drink mix, and have it ready and waiting next time you wake up and feel like a donkey just trampled you.

3. Vitamins Are Your Friend

Just as drinking OJ from the previous item helps, so do vitamin pills. If you have troubles swallowing certain-size medications like this, and you have no bottled OJ, you can do no better than going to the source and grabbing some oranges.

4. Oxygen Is Life

You might be tempted to stay inside and shuffle about the house with the windows shut and play video games all day to try and stave off lethargy and depression, but trust us: this is probably the worst thing to do. Even if it’s cold outside where you are, get dressed, grab whatever appropriate weather gear you need and get outside. Walking around town, whether with friends or by yourself, will pump oxygen to the brain, and the fresh air just smells great, regardless! If you have a dog, this is all to the good, as walking a dog just by itself will force you to get out and into the fresh air, so be ready when Buster goes and gets his leash all on his own. (Hey, doggies know best!)

5. Have A Great Meal

Whilst out walking, you might as well dig into your pockets for a stop at a good restaurant. This does not necessarily include fast food, as you’ll want as many vitamins and minerals in your body right now as possible, and fast food is often rather devoid of such things. Head for a Chinese or Indian establishment instead, for example. The spicy sauces and vitamins and minerals from veggies and/or seafood will boost your overall well-being, both short and long-term.

Other people have different solutions that they use to beat back a case of a hash hangover, but these five items are tried-and-true helpers that will kick-start your day and get you moving! Happy recuperating!


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