Weed Pack Is Bringing Stoner Culture To This Beloved Card Game

If you have a crass sense of humor and friends who can say the same, you’ve probably played Cards Against Humanity (“the party game for horrible people”) at least once. This card game is known for cringe-worthy cards and hilarious combinations that will have you questioning your very morality, and that’s the biggest part of the fun! Numerous expansion packs have been introduced to the game, so that we can expand upon the depraved things that we would likely never, ever say otherwise-at least not with other people around. Their latest introduction to the base game is a big nod to lovers of weed.

The Weed Pack is a 420-inspired deck of hilariously offensive cards that is filled with references to cannabis pop culture as well as cards mocking the Reefer Madness-inspired anti-pot mania of yesteryear. The website’s description of this pack is: “Hey man, I know I was supposed to get you the website content for the Weed Pack, but I got really high and this is all I have so far haha.”

But the Weed Pack isn’t just about fun and raunchy humor. While that is certainly its highlighting feature, Cards Against Humanity is using this $5 expansion to help fund the push for cannabis legalization. The company has brought in $50,000 for the Marijuana Policy Project, a lobbying organization that wants cannabis reform. That is where their profits from sales of the Weed Pack go.

There is literally no reason not to buy this pack. Even if you rarely play, it’s only five dollars and the money goes to help a cause that many of us support. Light up a joint, get some friends together and have a good, if not slightly guilt-inducing giggle, and get down on some Cards Against Humanity. It’s never a bad time, even if you’re not high.

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